Apartment Locations Have Dallas Renters Willing to Pay More


Renters often will spend more for an apartment based upon location. Dallas is actually number eight on the top ten cities where renters will pay most for top-rated locations according to CultureMap.

Apartments that are considered better locations are not just a generational rating. Renters of all ages are willing to pay more for an apartment located near or within walking distance to:

  • Jobs
  • Schools
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Dining

The nationwide average gap a renter is willing to pay for a top-rated location over low-rated location is 37 percent. Dallas renters are said to pay 45.9 percent more for location and Houston renters are willing to pay 56.7 percent more.

Although these renters are paying more for the top locations, the increase of rent is slower than those of the lower rated locations.

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