To our valued Kurz Group clients:

We wanted to reach out to you to assure you that we are working diligently for you as the current COVID-19 Pandemic is occurring across the U.S. and the entire world. 

Assessors/Appraisal Districts have made only limited announcements at this point, and none materially affect current policy or procedures. We are, therefore, adhering to the standard calendar of procedures and deadlines. Please know that our compliance involving our fiduciary duties to you remains intact and will not be compromised.

Timely filings of business personal property renditions/returns in order to meet mandated deadlines will not be interrupted. When necessary, we will be filing extensions according to the in-place rules governing business personal property filing procedures across the country.

Most Assessors/Appraisal Districts have suspended in-person communications until further notice, and the schedule of events involving protest hearings remains fluid; however, remote electronic communications that we have been utilizing for years remain intact. We will be filing timely appeals/protests on your property tax accounts as per the standard appeal regulations in order to protect your legal rights and interests. This includes both real estate and business personal property. We will not be waiting for modified deadlines as this could lead to confusion or even worse, lost remedy.

Please rest assured, we will stay informed of any modifications to rules and procedures issued by the States or County Assessors/Appraisal Districts.

Thank you, and we very much appreciate you allowing Kurz Group the opportunity to represent your property tax interests.