Dallas-Fort Worth Earns No. 2 Spot for Real Estate Investment


Experts continue to spotlight the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as an attractive real estate investment location. A recent CBRE survey has ranked our city as the 2nd most attractive place to invest in the Americas. Both domestic and foreign investors have their eyes on the metroplex too, with nearly $330 million being poured into North Texas over the last year. So, what do they say is most attractive about DFW?

  1. An expanding population
  2. Pro-business environment (evidenced by the growing number of company headquarters moving to the area)
  3. Job growth
  4. Economic diversity where no industry dominates
  5. Attracts all types of investors, from entrepreneurial buys and private capital to large REITS and pension funds

But what market here is drawing the most dollars? Industrial (see more stats on this market in our last blog post here). Not surprising since Dallas-Fort Worth has been claimed as a top five super-regional industrial center!

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