Dallas-Fort Worth Out Did All Other U.S. Apartment Completion Markets


The apartment completion market for Dallas- Fort Worth has exceeded all others in the United States. The top five markets for new apartments are:

Dallas-Fort Worth        22,196

Seattle                         13,682

New York                    13,418

Miami                          13,031

Austin                          10,783

While Dallas-Fort Worth’s population and job growth continue to thrive, so do the rental costs. Now that there are more living spaces Dallas might see some relief on the rent front. According to Dallas Business Journal, “Although DFW rents are at record highs, the pace of rent growth is slowing as the area follows a national trend of slower multifamily rent increases.”

Most cities are seeing a drop in rent increases, with a city here and there rising more so. To read in more depth about apartment completion market, please click here.

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