Dallas Fort-Worth Real Estate Market Ranked Number One for 2019


According to the Dallas Business Journal, real estate market in Dallas-Fort Worth has been named the top one to watch in 2019. The three main reasons DFW has been the ideal real estate market is low cost of living, low cost of business, and tax efficiency.

As the real estate market grows so does the city’s population which can be problematic to the affordable housing. Although there is land available to build, housing developers have to jump through more hoops to get project approval.

A few positive aspects to look forward to in 2019 consist of:

  • Industrial development investments
  • Garden apartments
  • Quick-flip, value-add deals
  • Redeployment of retail properties

Possible issues:

  • Insurance costs related to increasing natural disasters
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Immigration

There are always up and downs with a growing market, however Dallas-Fort Worth looks to have a promising year for 2019. To read more in detail about this subject please click here.

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