Dallas Homeowners Crushed Again by Property Taxes


Dallas has already made a budget decision for next year to increase the pay of their policemen and firefighters. In result of that decision they leave no room to lower property values which will continue to increase homeowner’s property tax bills.

It’s true that tax rates have gone down this year but Dallas homeowners will tell you that there isn’t a difference in the constant increase of their tax bills year to year.

As the city grows more policemen/ firefighters are needed and a slight rise on a tax bill is to be expected. Dallas News brings to our attention that although city councils may raise property values in order to receive a better pay cut for themselves and other officials, this strategy only works in a booming economy.

When the economy slows down city officials aren’t going to be able to justify rising the property values for homeowners and won’t be able to give their paychecks a now expected raise. Cities will then make homeowners even more agitated by raising the property tax rate alongside property values. To read more in depth about this issue click here.

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