Data Centers Are Moving to Dallas


Data centers seek out moving to Dallas for several reasons. Dallas-Fort Worth is the fourth largest metro area and already home to major corporations such as State Farm, Toyota North America, Huawei, Samsung and McKesson, to name a few.

According to BISNOW, the four main reason data center are moving to Dallas are:

  1. Extensive Fiber Connectivity
  2. Business Growth
  3. Low-Cost, Reliable Power
  4. Low Risk of Natural Disasters

Fiber connectivity throughout Texas is provided by AT&T, which is one of the biggest telecom hubs in the country. Dallas-Fort Worth is not only the home to AT&T but also to carrier hotels bringing 70 carriers. Carrier hotels connect with the fiber ring network to TX1 Date Center. By doing so, TX1 connects to over 140 locations around the world.

Data centers like RagingWire are attracted to Dallas for the business and economic growth shown over the years.

Dallas unlike other locations has multiple options for power providers. Data centers then have a better option for low cost power due to providers competing for rates.

Lastly, Dallas is a key place to move data centers because of its low risk of natural disasters. In the past forty years Dallas has not seen hurricanes or earthquakes. Natural disasters like thunderstorms and tornadoes can occur but data center are able to take necessary precautions to prevent any major damages.

While there are many reasons data centers are moving to Dallas, the reputation DFW has for a destination market continues to grow.

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