DFW’s Growing Real Estate Market Could Come to a Halt


Dallas-Fort Worth’s real estate market has had growth for the past seven years. Investors have been told DFW is where to go. However, if you are already in the property business, that may not be good thing.

According to Dallas News, the last thing the D-FW are needs at this stage of the real estate cycle is for dozens more investors and billions of dollars more in capital to pour through our doors. After so many years of growth we need to work on slowing down rather than taking on more than we can handle.

History has showed us that in not taking the right precautions in the real estate market could cause a property market bust. Experts say that there is a lot more discipline and equity in the real estate market now than before. Therefore there shouldn’t be a repeat of any bust this time around.

Investors are actually pulling back in real estate and sales of large U.S. commercial properties have slowing down.

2019 looks like a promising year however here are something to worry about:

  • Rising construction cost
  • Rising land cost
  • Affordable housing
  • Infrastructure woes

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