Did Your Property Value Go Up This Year? Here’s What You Can Do.


It’s no secret that commercial real estate property values went up this year. As outlined in The Dallas Morning News article below, many property owners experienced sticker shock when they received their 2016 Notice of Proposed Value, sent out by Appraisal Districts in recent weeks.

However, even though proposed values are up, owners can still attempt to lower their tax bills by filing a property tax appeal by the May 31st deadline. Consequently, property owners – or their property tax consultants – can then appeal the assessment up until the middle part of July. No need to freak out just yet, since the final valuation is what really matters and determines the final tax bill. Review our real estate tax guide for more help on what you can do to lower your property tax bill in the coming months.

The Dallas Morning NewsDallas County’s taxable property values jump 10 percent, giving homeowners heartburn

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