Is Tarrant Appraisal District Ready for the 2016 Property Tax Season?


Keeping up with the times is harder than ever today with social media, on-the-go lifestyles and technology. In order to stay efficient – and relevant – companies and institutions are now obligated to upgrade their systems and processes. In 2014, Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) did just that – upgraded its software to replace its 30-year-old system for valuing real estate. But just like any new, unfamiliar, large transition, the switch wasn’t as smooth or as fast as desired.

The upgrade still dominates discussion today, and in the article linked below, we receive more clarity as to why TAD had difficulty proposing valuations in a timely manner in 2015. TAD’s intentions were genuine, but the transition did cause some glitches, which are addressed in the article. Read on to hear more from the community and TAD. These discussions are especially important and relevant as we head into the 2016 real estate tax appeal season.

Fort Worth Star-TelegramTarrant Count school districts say they lost money because of software glitch

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