Job Growth in DFW Creates High Demand in Apartment Living


Dallas-Fort Worth apartment market and development is at a peak due to the growth in employment. National and international corporations have been relocating to DFW making it convenient for people to live in nearby apartments. Dallas is a preferred living and working destination for a many reasons including:

  1. Low Taxes
  2. Skilled Labor
  3. Geographical Location
  4. Affordable Living
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Diverse Community

According to D Magazine, over the years more people are accepting a renting life style over the high cost, long-term commitment of house buying. Apartments are staring to put more effort in the quality of their building such as appearances and amenities. The renters are willing to pay more for that quality and especially the location. Although the apartment market is high, developers are having difficulties finding new multifamily development sites. The construction costs are high, banks are less likely to supply construction loans and equity investors are skeptical. The current apartment communities are all leased up but continue to modernize and grow which investors are attracted to.

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