Local Government, Police, Fire, and City Services all Fear for Property Tax Increase Cap


Capping property taxes may benefit property owners but to what extent?  To put a cap on property taxes is to also put a cap in the local government budget. Which means our policemen, firefighters and other city services will be at risk.

Schools were originally worried about this change, however the state reached out and assured them that they would cover the budget lost by what property taxes would have brought in. Local government however feel like they are being left in the dust and aren’t being compensated in anyway.

According to Dallas News, “City officials say the cap won’t have quite the impact taxpayers may be expecting. Property tax bills won’t get smaller, but they could increase at a slower pace.” So will this bill help more than it will hurt?

City services don’t think the cap will be beneficial due to that fact that growing cities need the property tax income to keep up with the growth.

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