Making a calculated risk


Over the years, Kurz Group has represented more than 3,000 clients.

The owners’ ability to find a fair value for clients and help them save money are some of the reasons they have stayed in business for 25 years.

Brothers Jeff and Rick Kurz, principals of Kurz Group Inc., began their careers as real estate brokers. For years, they were making a substantial living — until the late ’80s when the real estate market collapsed. Needing a new source of income, the brothers decided to take a different career path and start a property tax consulting company.

After going several months with minimal income, Jeff Kurz came up with an idea to find something else to keep them afloat.

“We went to the library downtown and started searching through entrepreneurial magazines, just looking at anything and everything,” said Rick Kurz. “We were pretty desperate at that point. And then I think we spent an hour or two, and I had about enough. So I left, and Jeff stayed and came across an article in one of the magazines.”

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