Real Estate Property Appraisals Rise Across DFW Counties


Residential and commercial real estateproperty owners have experienced rising appraisals over the last few years, and this year is no different. From Collin to Denton to Rockwall, counties across Dallas-Fort Worth are building, building, building. New residents are moving in and new jobs are being created. Overall, counties around the metroplex are developing and owners are seeing their property taxbills rise at the same time. The Dallas Morning News recently published a breakdown of each county’s preliminary property valuations, and what these valuations mean for owners’ corresponding property tax bills.


  • The county has seen a nearly 20 percent increase in this year’s preliminary property valuation (more than $106.5 billion) versus last year’s certified value (more than $89.3 billion).
  • New construction added almost $3.95 billion in taxable value this year. 


  • Taxable value increased 9.85 percent from last year, sitting at an estimated $136 billion.
  • $5.6 billion in added value came from new construction mostly in Plano, Frisco and McKinney.
  • Plano added more than $1.43 billion to the tax rolls from new construction and saw an overall 8 percent increase in taxable value from last year.
  • Frisco added more than $1.6 billion in value from new construction and recorded a 12.6 percent increase in taxable value over last year.
  • McKinney added over $983 million in taxable value from new construction, with a nearly 10 percent increase over last year.


  • Preliminary reports show an 11.7 percent increase this year – a $1.38 billion property value growth.
  • Cities of Rockwall and Fate have spurred the county’s boom.
  • Rockwall’s growth this year is nearly twice what it was in 2016, and Fate’s growth is nearly double 2017 and triple 2016 growth.

So, what can the appraisal districts expect this year? More property tax appealsfrom property owners who think their appraised values are too high and seek to fight property taxhikes. Every property owner has the right to file a property tax appealby the protest deadlines, which is May 15 in Collin County and May 18 in Denton County.

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