Texas Businesses Use the Law to Their Advantage


Texas law allows property owners to protest the appraised values of their property, potentially creating a lower tax bill. Property owners can either argue that the appraised value was greater than the market value or they can file an equity appeal.

While Texas law seems to be in favor for all property owners, some say businesses are cutting the bigger break. According to The Texas Tribune, “At issue: a 1997 amendment, drafted by a prominent tax attorney, that critics say has allowed businesses and industries to lower their property tax burden at the expense of other taxpayers. The provision offers all Texans a way to fight their appraisals by arguing they were treated unfairly compared to other properties. But critics say large property owners have capitalized on it to drive down their costs while owners of residences and small businesses can’t afford to do the same.”

If a property tax payer wishes to contest an appraised value it does require a lot of effort. However in most cases, that are worthy, are settled in informal hearings so the appraisal districts can avoid possible attorney fees. Property tax consulting firms like, Kurz Group Inc. can also assist business commercial property owners with their property tax needs.

Lawmakers have tried and are still trying to propose new bills that would basically veto Texas property owners’ right to argue their appraisals. To read in more detail about this subject, please click here.

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