Texas Plans on Spending More on Schools and Property Tax Relief


Texas has made a decision this past week in Austin about school budgets and property tax relief. Only problem is does Texas have the money to back up their promises?

The plan is to use the money that will be brought in from the growing Texas economy, however that money can’t be guaranteed. The budget they have set for themselves is $9 billion to make these improvements with the schools finance and property tax cuts, but will in actuality cost more.

Dallas News describes the promises as this, “The plan’s fiscal hydraulics are complex. On one hand, the bill would save the state nearly $11 billion by getting rid of antiquated ‘weights’ in the school finance formula and using ‘current year values’ to figure out how much state aid a district gets.”

The article goes on to say it would require even more and the funds would go towards:

  • Teacher raises
  • Full-day PreK
  • College career military readiness bonus
  • Merit pay
  • Boost for English learners
  • Dyslexia allotment

Money can always be found but question is what are they going to cut to get it? To read in more depth about this topic, please click here.

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