Travis ARB Announces an Undoing or the Redo


Last week Travis Appraisal Review Board made an announcement to redo all of the protest hearings done on June 4th and then reschedule them for a later date. The reason given was that there was a misunderstanding on what could and could not be presented as evidence to determine property values.

Many property tax agents were upset about that decision due to the amount of work they put into working those accounts and then succeeding and saving their clients’ money, only to have someone say never mind. Agents even went as far to make threat to sue. Just yesterday Travis ARB decided they were going to accept the result of the June 4th hearings after all. Maybe those threats got to them?

At a press release Betty Thompson, Travis ARB Chairman, made a somewhat false statement that left a bitter taste in people’s mouths. ““Going forward without District evidence in thousand of cases could have had a tangible impact on tax revenues that fund schools, emergency services and various taxing entities in the county.”

According to The Austin Bulldog a former Travis County tax assessor, former Travis County judge, and now attorney Bill Aleshire had something to say in response to Thompson’s statement. “If she really believes and tells ARB members that the chief appraiser has to win a protest hearing in order to prevent negative funding for education and emergency services, what ARB member in right mind would not side with TCAD in a protest hearing?“ The fact is that statement is not true, because when a governmental body adopts the effective tax rate the revenue stays the same.”

Many changes were made this year with how property owners and their agents could receive information about their property valuation. In years passed they were mailed out now they are only available through TCAD’s online portal. Another upset to the people is that the information wasn’t always there for each property and then a hearing was schedule at an unlawful date.

There seems to be a lot going on for Travis County and not in a good way. To read more about this topic, please click here.

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