What to Know About Property Taxes as a Property Owner


Ignorance is sometimes bliss, but not in the case of property taxes. As a residential or commercial real estate property owner, it’s your right and responsibility to know how your property taxes are set each year, and how you can help alleviate them. As explained in the article linked below, you need two numbers to calculate the amount of property taxes you will owe in a year:

(taxable value of your property) x (tax rate) = property taxes owed

The tax rates are set by your local taxing entities, so as property values increase without equal tax rate reductions, our property tax bills continue to rise and rise each year.

So, what can you do to help fight property tax? Read the article below to learn how you can be involved and what’s now being discussed at town hall meetings across Texas. And, don’t forget to read our real estate tax guide on how you can still save money this year by filing a late correction property tax appeal.

MySanAntonio.com: Understanding Texas property tax system important

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