Whole Foods has as Upside since Partnering with Amazon


Whole Foods is excited to have rid themselves the nickname of “Whole Paycheck”, after teaming up with Amazon.

According to Dallas News, the executive vice president of growth and business development, Jim Sud states “he always thought it was an unfair rap because high quality products sold at Whole Foods conform with such things as animal welfare and seafood sustainability certifications. Stores also exposed shoppers to new items and they loaded up their carts, he said”

However, consumers are happy with the lower prices of their organic and natural foods since then. Not to mention the ease of ordering online for same day delivery on Amazon Prime.

More Whole Foods stores are opening since the merger with Amazon and even more price cuts are coming.

Rumors of a cashier free store are not likely to come to surface due to perishable foods, but Amazon has definitely changed customer service for Whole Foods.

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